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In February 2014, a student scientific group "Technology and equipment for physical and technical processing of materials" was created.

Scientific supervisor - Ph.D., associate professor Pavlo Kondrashev.

Сlass leader - Moiseenko Hlib Sergeevich (2014-2016), Sorokin Grigory Olegovich (2016 - ...).

The student scientific group is a voluntary non-profit association of students, postgraduates and lecturers of the Department of Laser Engineering and Physical-Technical Technologies of the MMI NTUU "Igor Sikorski KPI", engaged in research work in extra-curricular time, created on the basis of common scientific interests. The purpose of the group is to provide favorable conditions for effective scientific and cognitive activity, development and organization of students' leisure, their intellectual and cultural upbringing in the student's environment of NTUU "KPI". Main tasks of the group are:
 - systematization and deepening knowledges on laser technology and physical and technical technologies;
-preparation of students for participation in scientific contests, olympiads, scientific seminars, conferences, etc.;
-activating the creative abilities of students in writing scientific papers, which determines the readiness to create fundamentally new ideas that are different from traditional ones;
-generalization, analysis and presentation of the results of its own research activity by publishing the results of scientific researches, reports at conferences, competitions, etc.;
-use of information sources for scientific research;
-expanding the system of knowledge of students, continuous improvement of their intellectual level by self-education;
-preparation of student's youth for independent scientific work.

Main directions of the circle:
- the technology of spatial structures manufacturing by laser deformation;
- the latest technologies of laser composites sintering;
- Rapid Prototyping technology;
- technology and equipment of hybrid processing processes (a combination of laser and plasma processing);
- laser technological equipment (focusing systems, scanners, modulators, dispensers);
- laser technologies for the manufacture of medical endoprostheses;
- technology of laser hyperthermia biotechnology;
- technology and equipment for laser welding of biological tissues.

Number of publications in scientific journals, collections of abstracts of the conference, innovative proposals, inventions, etc. for 2015-2016 - 5, for 2017-2018 - 62.