The program of the academic discipline "Laser dimension processing" is compiled according to the masters educational professional program of training for specialty 131 - "Applied mechanics" specialization "Laser technology and processes of physical and technical processing of materials".
Educational discipline belongs to the cycle of professional training, as a discipline of professional and practical training.
The subject of the discipline is the laser treatment of the dimensional elements of products (holes, dimples, grooves, cracks), which must meet the quantitative and qualitative criteria defined by the technical specification and/or the original drawing of the product.


Presentations Electronic didactic demonstration material for discipline support

Presentation 1.
Theme 1. Technical equipment of technological operations (maintenance) of laser dimensional processing (LDP):
1.1. Technological aspects of laser technological equipment (LTE) choice

Presentation 2.
1.2. Requirements for the composition and layout of the LTE

Presentation 3.
1.3. Forms of organization of work of the LTE
1.4. Equipment for modern forms of LDP
1.5. Examples of structures and elemental composition of the LTE

Presentation 4.
Topic 2. Methods of adjustment of the laser technological installation:
2.1. Alignment of laser resonator
2.2. Centering of optical system of LTE
2.3. Technique for setting the technological regime

Presentation 5.
Topic 3. Measures and devices for additional improvement of LDP maintenance
3.1. Improvement of the efficiency of cavities LDP:

Presentation 6.
3.2. Methods of improving the quality of cavities LDP:
3.3. Methods of improving the quality of laser cutting of grooves

Presentation 7.
3.4. Automation and adaptive organization of the LDP

Presentation 8.
Topic 4. The accuracy of the LDP results
4.1. Analysis of the total error of the LDP:
4.2. Calculation-analytical method for forecasting the accuracy of the LDP:
4.3. Total error of cavity treatment by laser beam:

Presentation 9.
Annex A. Topics of course projects
Appendix B. Subject of the tasks of modular control works