During studying the Optical Systems for Laser Equipment students obtains the necessary theoretical knowledge in the field of laser optics, studies the existing schemes of optical systems of laser technological equipment and obtains practical skills for designing, calculating and constructing optical systems of laser technological equipment.
For the successful mastering of discipline material, the knowledge that students receive in previous courses is required. Discipline is a theoretical and practical base for students while completing a diploma project.



Theme 1. The purpose and objectives of the course. Key points and theories. Photometric quantities:
• the purpose and objectives of the course, the main provisions and theories;
• photometric quantities.

Topic 2. Geometric optics and its basic laws:
• concept of geometric optics and its basic laws;
• Farm principle;
• refraction of light on a spherical surface, a thin lens, beams of beams.

Theme 3. Aberrations of optical systems:
• Lacks of optical parts and systems, types of aberrations;
• The causes of aberrations and remedies.

Theme 4. Electromagnetic theory of light. Maxwell's Equations:
• electromagnetic theory of light;
• Maxwell's equations.

Topic 5. Interference of light:
• interference of light, standing light wave;
• multilayer dielectric coatings, illumination of optics;
• interference mirrors.

Theme 6. Diffraction of light. Diffraction phenomena in laser beams:
• diffraction of light, the Fresnel principle;
• Fraunhofer diffraction, diffraction phenomena in laser beams.

Theme 7. The propagation of light in an anisotropic medium:
• the propagation of light in anisotropic medium, the phenomenon of double-beam refraction;
• natural and artificial anisotropy.

Theme 8. Fundamentals of Quantum Optics:
• the foundations of quantum optics, Bohr's postulates, Enshtein's theory.

Theme 9. Phenomena of nonlinear optics:
• phenomena of nonlinear optics;
• the use of nonlinear phenomena in laser optical systems.

Topic 10. Optical materials:
• optical materials, their classification;
• Areas of use of various optical materials.

Topic 11. Structure of optical systems of laser technological equipment:
• structure of optical systems of laser technological equipment.

Theme 12. Transmission system of laser radiation:
• purpose and structure of laser radiation transportation system;
• Description of the constituent elements of the laser radiation transport system.

Topic 13. Laser radiation transformation system:
• purpose and structure of laser radiation transformation system;
• description of the components of the transformation system.