Discipline subject: the study of the main methods of metals production, the technology of manufacturing them from the blanks and parts with the required forms, sizes and roughness of the surface layer using modern equipment.
The purpose of the discipline is to create the ability of students to determine the methods of manufacturing of machine parts using the technologies of foundry, powder metallurgy, metal processing, pressure welding, welding production, cutting tools and surface plastic deformation.

Methodical instructions for the implementation of laboratory and practical works on the course "Construction Materials Engineering" (Ukr, PDF)
Laboratory work: Metal cutting.
Laboratory work: Metal processing with plastic forming
Laboratory work: Welding production
Laboratory work: Foundry
Practical work: Development of model-foundry technological equipment

Summary of lectures (Ukr, PDF)
Section 1. Fundamentals of metallurgical production
Section 2. Technology of foundry production
Section 3. Metal Forming
Section 4. Technology of welding production
Section 5. Basics of cutting materials processing