The educational discipline belongs to the students free choice cycle of subjects. During the course students must thoroughly examine the purpose, use and features of optical components and assemblies for laser equipment. Considerable attention is paid to the design training of future specialists.

Contents of the discipline
Section 1. Preliminary calculation of the optical system.
Carrying out the preliminary dimensional calculation of the optical system with the definition of the basic parameters of optical parts.
Section 2. Calculation and design of lenses.
Choosing and calculating the structural elements of the lenses, depending on the conditions of operation, requirements for its manufacture.
Section 3. Determination of Quality Indicators for Optical Parts.
Determination of quality indicators for optical material, requirements for the manufacture of parts and requirements for optical parameters of a component, depending on its purpose and operating conditions.
Section 4. Development of lenses working drawings.
Development of working drawings of optical components in accordance with requirements of its purpose and operating conditions.
Section 5. Designing the node for adjusting the optical component.
Determine the design of the node for alignment in accordance with the task of designing the optical node.
Section 6. Design of the body of the node of the optical system.
Calculation of methods of fastening of optical parts according to the task and designing of assemblies. Conducting final assembly of the optical system node.

Methodical instructions for practical classes in discipline "Fundamentals of Optical Components Design and Laser Production Equipment" (Ukr, PDF)