The subject of the discipline is the theory, methodology and practice of the layout of the laser technological equipment, the principles of construction and composition of the laser process equipment for the processing of the material

In order to study the discipline, the knowledge acquired by the student in studying fundamental and special disciplines in accordance with the working curriculum is required: descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics, physics, theory of mechanisms and machines, machine parts and design bases, electrical engineering and electronics, the fundamentals of scientific research and technical creativity, higher mathematics, special sections of mathematics, hydraulics, pneumatics and vacuum technology, construction materials engineering, materials science, technology of mechanical engineering, metrology, standardization and interchangeability, basic of heat conduction theory, electrophysical and electrochemical methods of material processing, laser processing technology, physics of concentrated energy flows interaction with substance, physics of lasers.

The purpose of the discipline study: to learn the independent creative solution of the system of typical tasks of activity, in particular the choice of the optimal variant of the layout of laser technological equipment, the choice of the composition of laser technological equipment for the processing of materials.

Methodical instructions for the implementation of laboratory work on the discipline "Laser Processing Equipment". Measurement of energy parameters (Ukr, PDF)
Laboratory work № 1. Measuring the energy of a solid-state laser pulses
Laboratory work № 2. Measurement of a solid-state laser power
Laboratory work № 3. The focusing device of laser technological equipment

Methodical instructions for the implementation of laboratory work on the discipline "Laser Processing Equipment". Solid State Lasers Design (Ukr, PDF)
Laboratory work No. 1. The structure of a solid-state technological laser emitter
Laboratory work № 2. Cooling device for solid-state technological laser
Laboratory work № 3. Optical resonator of solid-state technological laser

Methodical instructions for students independent training from the credit module "Laser Processing Equipment" (Ukr, PDF)