The course "Design of Laser Processing Equipment" refers to the cycle of professional and practical training. The discipline is based on the knowledge of higher mathematics, numerical methods, analytical geometry, laser processing technologies, design of optical systems of laser technological equipment.
   The subject of discipline is design and construction units laser processing equipment, their lay-out and integration in laser technological complexes.

1. Basic principles of laser technological equipment designing
1.1. Laser technological equipment layout
1.2. Modular approach to the process equipment nodes design
1.3. Varieties of technological laser equipment
2. Optical systems of laser technological equipment
2.1. Systems for laser radiation transporting to the processing area
2.2. Basic approaches to calculation of laser technological equipment optical path
2.3. Constructive features of the laser technological equipment focusing systems
3. Technological gases and their application
3.1. Technological gases for laser technological equipment
3.2. Systems of supply of technological gases into the processing area
3.3. Calculation and design features of supplying gases systems
4. Displacement systems for laser technological equipment elements
4.1. The main constructive elements of displacement systems
4.2. Robotic complexes of laser technological equipment
4.3. Modern approaches to displacement systems of laser technological equipment nodes
5. Hybrid systems of laser technological complexes
5.1. Combination of laser radiation with traditional methods of treatment
5.2. Combination of laser radiation with untraditional methods of processing