Among modern special technologies laser thermal technologies of materials processing occupy one of the first places. In recent decades, their widespread use in the industry, improving the quality and accuracy of technological processes, the creation of hybrid technologies. For optimal choice and full use of the possibilities of laser beam, the specialist must know not only the physics of lasers, which is the basis of the technological equipment, as well as the engineering bases of technological lasers, as the basic knowledge for their creation and high-quality exploitation.
   The discipline "Engineering Fundamentals of Technological Lasers" deals with the functional characteristics of technological laser individual components, methods of calculating their critical elements in order to achieve high values ​​of efficiency, power stability and laser beam quality, since these parameters are decisive in laser thermal technologies.

Chapter I. Solid State Lasers. Solid-state optical pumping lasers.
Theme 1 Selection of light sources for optical pumping of solid state lasers. Calculation of the required pumping power. Calculation of the cooling system of solid-state lasers active elements.
Topic 2. Resonator of a solid-state laser with an optical pump. Methods of calculation of resonators with single laser head and multi-head resonators.
Theme 3. Laser matrices of semiconductor lasers.

Section II. CO2 lasers
Theme 4. Engineering requirements for the main components of CO2 laser
Theme 5. Glow discharge. Varieties of glow discharges. Design features of laser cooling systems.
Theme 6. Gas contours of CO2 lasers.
Theme 7. Resonators of lasers with different types of cooling.
Theme 8. Plasmochemical reactions in the resonator.