The main tasks are:
- study of power supply systems of specialized laser equipment, their calculation and application in laser technological complexes;
- use of simple engineering calculations for designing nodes of laser technological equipment.

Content of the credit module
1 Ignition schemes for technological lasers
   1.1. Principles of ignition schemes for gas-discharge devices.
   1.2. Schemes of ignition for low-power gas-discharge devices
   1.3. Pulse ignition circuits
2. Current sources
   2.1. Ways of converting voltage sources into a current source
   2.2. Low-power current sources
   2.3. Power supply sources of gas-arc discharge
3. Features of power sources of technological lasers
   3.1. Schemes for forming output pulses
   3.2. Charging devices for capacitive energy storage devices
   3.3. Modular designs of ignition units of pump lamps
4. Pulsed power supplies
   4.1. Pulsed power supplies with inductive-capacitive transducers
   4.2. Power supplies with reactive current limiting elements
   4.3. Pulsed power supply control systems
5. Power sources for technological lasers
   5.1. Power supply circuits for solid-state emitters
   5.2. Sources of power supply of gas and semiconductor emitters