The course "Machine Parts" refer to professional and practical subjects. The main tasks of the course are generalization of engineering experience in the creation of machine-building constructions; studying the type, criteria of machine parts workability, joints and assembly units; development of scientific basis for their calculation and design; development of design skills and technical creativity.

Laboratory Workshop (ukr, PDF)

Laboratory work № 1. Determination of sliding curves and coefficient of efficiency of the pass transfer
Laboratory work № 2. Study of the design of the cylindrical gearbox and its parts
Laboratory work № 3. Study of the design of the worm gearbox and its parts
Laboratory work № 4. Investigation of the efficiency of the worm gearbox
Laboratory work № 5. Study of design and determination of the moment of friction in roller bearings
Laboratory work № 6. Determination of the coefficient of friction in the bearings of sliding
Laboratory work № 7. Determination of the critical frequency of the rotation of the shaft
Laboratory work № 8. Research of the work of the screw mechanism


Methodical Instructions for Conducting Practical Classes, Execution of Control Works and Course Project (ukr, PDF)

Characteristics of mechanical gear
The choice of an electric motor
Determination of gear ratios. Frequencies of rotation on the drive shafts
Determination of capacities and rotational moments on drive shafts
Examples of calculation
 - Kinematic and force calculation of an individual drive
 - Kinematic and force calculation of group drives