The Department of Laser Systems and Advanced Technologies informs that in the spring semester of the 2023-2024 academic year, it will carry out practical training of students of higher education studying under the educational program "Engineering of Welding, Laser and Related Technologies" in the specialty 131 Applied Mechanics in full-time mode. the following educational components:

The Department of Laser Systems and Physical Technologies has extensive contacts with its counterparts both in Ukraine and abroad. In cooperation with partners, joint research is carried out, specialists of different levels are trained, national and international conferences are held.

The beginning of international cooperation of the Department of Laser Systems and Physical Technologies dates back to the 70s of the last century. Due to the annual international scientific conferences on laser technology and other non-traditional materials processing technologies, the department's contacts with universities and enterprises of the USA, Japan, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Portugal, the Czech Republic, China, Taiwan and others have expanded.

For many years, fruitful cooperation has been established between the faculty and colleagues from the University of Jena, the University of Birmingham, the University of Osaka, the University of Ohio, and others like that. With lectures to students and lecturers, prominent experts from different countries of the world: prof. Bill Stin (Liverpool University, UK); Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Japan, prof. Yeshiaki Arata (Research Institute of Welding, Osaka University, Japan); prof. Franz Schiffer, Dr. Gisbart Stauppendal (University of Jena, Germany); Dr. Lyubomir Romankov (company IBM, USA); prof. Charles Albright (University of Ohio, USA), Dr. Jan Spalding (UK) and others.

The staff of the department participated in various international congresses, symposiums, conferences: ICALEO - International Conference on Appliances of Lasers and Electro-Optics, ISEM - International Symposium on Electromechanics, LAMP - Laser Applicatio for Materiel Processing, General Assembly of the CIPP (International Institute of Manufacturing Engineer). The recognition of the world's achievements in the field of laser technology became the election in 1993 of a professor. Kovalenko as Distinguished Visiting Professor of the State University of Ohio (USA), where he taught during the 1994 semester.

In 1996, professors Kovalenko and Golovko were invited by the Laser Institute of America to the International Publishing Board (International Editorial Board) to prepare the International Laser Handbook, Magnolia Publishing Inc., Orlando, Florіda, USA, in which they became the authors of the eight sections of this unique edition.

On August 30, 2008, in Manchester at the final session of the General Assembly of the CIPP, prof. Kovalenko was elected a full member (Fellow).

General Assembly of the CIRP, August 30, 2008 

Since 2005, cooperation with Chinese colleagues from Zhejiang University has begun. During the years of close and fruitful cooperation, various processes of laser processing of materials were investigated, scientific and technical information exchange and specialists were exchanged.

The main object of the research was the creation of a modern technology for the restoration of components of complex equipment based on the development of a modern robotic laser complex with a powerful diode laser and the transport of laser beam with fiber optic cable. Due to the use of this complex, the processes of laser strengthening of the surface of products, surface alloying of metal alloys, laser surfacing, laser-layer grooving of three-dimensional products, welding of various alloys, etc. were investigated. Methods for mathematical modeling of various processes have been developed to select optimal processing conditions, which has allowed to significantly improve the efficiency of processes and reduce the duration of the choice of processing modes. The technological processes of microprocessing of precision products, in particular, medical cardio endoprostheses, were also explored and developed.
Anyakin Western Lake
In September 2011, Professor Kovalenko and Dr. Aniakin were awarded the high prizes of the People's Republic of China to foreigners - the "Order of Friendship of the Western Lake" by the Government of Zhejiang Province and the "Order of Friendship" of the Government of the People's Republic of China.

Vice Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China Mr. Zhang Jankuyu rewards prof. Kovalenko "Order of Friendship".

Vice Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China Mr. Zhang Jankuyu rewards prof. Kovalenko "Order of Friendship".



The name of the department's scientific school: prof. VS Kovalenko academic school of laser technology "Processes of interaction of high-energy flows with matter, non-traditional technologies of materials processing". It was founded in 1964 in the KPI with the beginning of the first researches of laser technology in Ukraine.
Confirmation of the scientific school availability is:
- experience and continuous training of scientific personnel;
- implementation of scientific subjects (budget, economic, initiative);
- department staff have certain achievements in scientific, scientific-innovative, scientific-methodical activities, publications in the scientific-based base of Scopus.


Over the past three years, the share of employed specialists and masters is 100%, including 69.81% in the specialty.

The leading partner enterprise, which is the basic employer for graduates and contributes to the material and technical and scientific and innovative development of the department is the Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, agreement on the employment of graduates of the department No. 0002K dated September 21, 2010


In recent years, several graduates of the educational master's degree and educational qualification of specialist employed by the institutions involved in the delivery, commissioning, debugging and maintenance of laser medical equipment.