# Lab name  Study Units
123-19 Laboratory of Laser Processing 

Technology of Laser Surface Treatment

Processes of Laser Surface Treatment

124-19  Science and Education Laboratory of Laser Researches

Methods of Organic Materials Bonding

Optimization of Process Facilities and Systems

Mathematical Simulation of Objects and Systems 

 127-19 Laboratory of Laser Engineering and Technology  Electrophysical and Electrochemical Methods of Material Processing
 128-19 Laboratory of Cutting Methods Construction Materials Engineering 
 129-19 Laboratory of Physical and Technical Processing  Construction Materials Engineering
 131-19 Laboratory of Laser Equipment Processes of Laser Surface Treatment,

Development and Optimization of Laser Technology Processes
 215-19 Laboratory of Friction and Fatigue Strength  Machine Parts
338-19 Laboratory of Laser Sizing

Technology of Laser Sizing

Laser Dimensional Processing

Special Elements and Equipment of Laser Technological Complexes

429-19 Laboratory of Machine Parts Machine Parts
431-19 Laboratory of Machine Parts Machine Parts
437-19 Laboratory of Materials Science Construction Materials Engineering
438-19 Laboratory of Thermal Processing Construction Materials Engineering
440-19 Laboratory of Physical Methods of Research Physical Methods of Research
441-19 Electric Welding Laboratory Construction Materials Engineering
442-19 Laboratory of Laser Optics and Technology

Physics of Concentrated Energy Flows Interaction with Substance

Technology of Laser Sizing

444-19 Science and Education Laboratory of Computer Numerically Controlled Machines Methods and Equipment of Physical and Technical Processing Research
446-19 Laboratory of Foundry  Construction Materials Engineering
447-19 Laboratory of Plastic Forming Construction Materials Engineering

In February 2014, a student scientific group "Technology and Equipment for Physical and Technical Processing of Materials" was founded on the basis of a student's educational and scientific laboratory (407-19).
Scientific supervisor - Ph.D., Associate Professor Pavlo Kondrashev.