Credit module "Radiation Welding Equipment" is an important link of a unified logical system of fundamental, general engineering and special training in the field of processing materials for mechanical engineering.

The main purposes of teaching the credit module "Radiation Welding Equipment" are:
- formation of the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills in determining the appropriate areas of use the processes of radiation sources interaction for the processing of materials in industry;
- design of concrete technological processes of beam processing methods;
- forecasting of materials and products properties after beam processing;
- application of new principles and approaches to the design of machines and appliances.


Methodical instructions for the execution of laboratory works on discipline "Radiation means of welding" (Ukr, PDF)
Laboratory work №2 Plasma, methods of obtaining, characteristics
Laboratory work №3 Plasmatrons, schemes of implementation, designs.
Laboratory work № 4 Determination of effective thermal power and coefficient of efficiency of the direct action arc.
Laboratory work № 5 Determination of effective thermal power and coefficient of efficiency of non-direct action arc.
Laboratory work №6 Determination of the plasma jet temperature.
Laboratory work № 7 Determination of productivity and coefficient of material use at electric arc surfacing.
Laboratory work № 8 Choise of materials for coating
Laboratory work №9 Research of technological parameters of feeder-dispenser to installations
Laboratory work №10 Determination of external volt-ampere characteristics of power supply UDGU-251
Laboratory work №11 Investigation of the characteristics and study of the design of the power source APR-402.

Summary of lectures: "Radiation Welding Equipment" (Ukr, PDF)