The development of automated design systems is carried out with the constant rapid improvement of both tools and software for automated design. The use of basic knowledge in practice requires additional purposeful familiarization with new modern tools and software.
  The purpose of the study of the academic discipline is to teach the independent creative solution of the system of typical activity tasks for the performance of production functions in the position of a research engineer, namely the development of a three-dimensional product model, automated design of the technological process, a design and technological database, a sheet material cutting scheme, processing of materials by special technologies, selecting components of an integrated design and technology system production.



Theme 1. Automated engineering
Lecture 1. Introduction to CAD: product life cycle and automated design
Lecture 2. Characteristics of the automated design system. History and trends of automated design systems development.
Lecture 3. Means of providing automated design and preparation of production. Methodical, linguistic and informational support of automated design. Technical facilities and software for automated design
Lecture 4. Graphical programming. Automated drawing of drawings
Lecture 5. Geometric modeling. Geometric modeling systems. Solid modeling

Topic 2. Integration of automated design systems
Lecture 6. Integrated system of automated designing. Automated design of products. Systems of automated designing in engineering.
Lecture 7. Methods of creating solid-state models. Basic operations for the creation of solids and operations on solids. Visualization and control of the characteristics of a three-dimensional solid-state model.
Lecture 8. Creation of assembly 3D models. Creation of drawings on three-dimensional models. Three-dimensional parameterization.
Lecture 9. Automated system of engineering support. Finite Element Method.
Lecture 10. Automation of informational support of design and technological developments. Data models. Relational database. Design and technological database
Lecture 11. Automated system of technological preparation of production.
Lecture 12. Automated system of technological design. Methods of automated design of technological processes. The structure of the system of automated design of technological processes. Design of technological processes in dialog and automatic modes.
Lecture 13. The system of automation of training program management. Features of processing on the software with software management. Classification of automated programming systems. The structure of the system of automated program preparation. Imitation of the process of processing parts for control programs.
Lecture 14. Automated system of optimization of sheet material cutting. Methods of sheet material cutting. Structure and optimization of sheet metal cutting systems.
Lecture 15. Rapid prototyping. Methods of rapid prototyping. Using fast prototyping. Software for rapid prototyping.
Lecture 16. System of technical document circulation. Document management. Managing the life cycle of technical documentation.
Lecture 17. Virtual engineering. Use of virtual engineering. Problems of virtual engineering.

Computer Workshop
1. System of parametric three-dimensional solid-state modeling
2. Three-dimensional solid-state modelling.
3. Three-dimensional solid-state modeling based on two-dimensional drawing.
4. Visualization and control of the characteristics of a three-dimensional solid-state model.
5. Database of the parametric model.
6. Drawing a three-dimensional solid-state model.
7. Composite three-dimensional solid-state modeling.

Three-dimensional solid-state parametric modeling. Methodical instructions for laboratory work on discipline "Fundamentals of Automated Design and technological preparation of manufacture" for students of specialties 7 (8) .05050204 "Metal processing by special technologies" / Compiled by LM Oleschuk .- K .: NTUU "KPI", 2009